1. Ask for feedback from your stakeholders. How will you ask for feedback?

A focus group interview? A presentation? 1:1 interviews? A questionnaire? Remember: ‘Different strokes for different folks!

A. Make a list of what you want to ask.
e.g. What do you think of the visual materials? To what extent do you recognize yourself/your tastes? To what extent do you feel proud to be related to this concept? Who would you want to share this concept with?
Is your use of media mixed and user-friendly?

B. Adapt your timeline. In the DISCOVER phase you made a timeline on when you would ask your stakeholders for feedback. Go back to this. Does your plan need to be adapted?

C. Describe what’s in it for your stakeholders to be helping you with your concept development.

D. Describe how your final concept empowers the user and matches their needs.

E. Describe any changes your concept might make to local policy.

Here are some tools which other creative professionals use:

Check the ‘Code Culturele Diversiteit’

2. Double-check; have you missed any voices in your test phase? If so, how will you fix this?