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Time to evaluate your product!

1. Many of your viability & feasibility evaluation criteria will be specific to your research question. But here are some generic questions you can ask too:

A. Evaluate your product.

  • To what extent is the concept inclusive?
  • Which stakeholders did you not manage to include and why?
  • Remember Inholland’s the three core themes; healthy, creative and sustainable; to what extent is it environmentally friendly?
  • What is the direct link between the stakeholders’ needs & wishes and your creative concept?
  • What makes your product welcoming for the stakeholders?
  • Does the concept empower the stakeholders to be actively part of society? How?
  • To what extent does the concept reduce prejudices and increase respect?
  • Does the concept provide added value to society? Explain.
  • What is the quality of the experience for users?
  • Which shared human concerns and interests does the product recognize?
  • Who owns and earns from the concept?

B. Evaluate how creative and innovative your product is.

    • Which shared human needs did you identify and how did you integrate these into your product?
    • What have you created which is original and cannot be found elsewhere?
    • Have you created a vision which binds people to your product? Explain!

Click on the pictures below to find more tools:

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Here is a whole book on designing inclusive cities, just waiting to be downloaded.
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